“To provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current
and future Internet needs”


In line with our mission we at Logon Broadband strive to provide our customer base to connect and communicate using the systems & Services to enhance the productivity of their businesses, as our real growth is in the growth of our customers.
We believe in excellent customer relationship with efficient & cost effective solutions to the information needs of our customers, thus not only focusing on the corporate clientele but also on the mid – sized business houses or SME’s which comprises the major portion of our economy.


* Penetrate and be persuasive in mid – sized business units (SME’s) to iversify the sales and customer base while maintaining corporate clientele to deepen the company’s image.

* Develop and maintain the technological infrastructure to cater and accommodate the industry’s need and to facilitate them in the best possible manner.

* Devising a perfect mix of People, Processes and technological infrastructure in order to be best service provider to the industry with optimum customer satisfaction. 

* Be a working place where collateral growth is ensured for all the concerned involved.

* Be prudent and proactive on the front of research & development on the concerned filed so as to be aligned with the dynamics of the  industry. To provide innovative Internet services that fulfill new needs of Internet users.

* To provide quality Internet services that are reliable and highly valuable.

* To provide Internet services that are secure and safe.

* To provide responsive customer support that resolves customer issues in a short time.

* To use Internet for social benefit in the form of telehealth and e-learning.