Thank you for visiting our website. Logon Broadband  (LBI) is the pioneer Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Pakistan which brought Internet to the country in 1996. Internet being a relatively new technology at that time, LOGON BROADBAND launched LBI to offer Internet connectivity for not only government organizations, but also to support its social services, such as tele-health and distance learning.

Currently, LBI has presence in 1 major citie of Pakistan and offers multiple media options to its customers including copper, fiber In 2004, LBI launched a data center offering hosting and co-location services. LBI became the first training partner of CISCO in Pakistan, LBI launched Internet Cable service and, in 2005, LBI launched Internet Broadband service  LBI was ranked the best ISP by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) in Karachi.

At present, LBI offers services known as ‘The Colors of LBI’. These include core services such as Domain, Hosting, VPS and value-added services such as (On-demand broadband), Website development, Video-conferencing, IT training..

LBI has different centers of expertise including data center, training center, and video conferencing center. Data center provides hosting services on both Windows and Linux platforms. Keeping its tradition of being the pioneer ISP, LBI became the first ISP to offer VPS (virtual private server) with local hosting in Pakistan. Other VPS providers were providing foreign hosting then. VPS is at the infrastructure level of the Cloud service stack. Because of growing demand for cloud computing, LBI plans on launching the LOGON BROADBAND Cloud™ by end of 2013.

Our customers include individuals, government organizations, private enterprises, foreign missions, and educational institutions in Pakistan. Our vision is to make LBI a very reliable and secure ISP for government organizations and corporate customers. We also plan on offering cloud services by next year with VPS being the first step. Being the pioneer ISP, we have an experience of 7 years in internet and data center operations. Should you be interested in any of our services, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are focused on providing quality service and support to our customers as always and we would like to welcome you aboard to experience it yourself!